Some of the Greatest Chefs in the World are found in Orange County, California.

Meet the Chefs!

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Meet the people behind the food: Restaurants and chefs make our lives better. We all enjoy going to our favorite restaurants and enjoying a great meal. At World's Greatest Chefs you can meet the people behind the food.  ( See More )

When you are at a restaurant:

  • Be NICE to the restaurant staff:  10 Reasons You Should Always Be Nice To Your Server 
  • Respect the other diners: If your kids are having a breakdown, take them out of the dining room for a minute. 
  • Relax: ​Dining out is one of the good things in life, enjoy! 
  • Be Nice: #NicePeopleMovement we are all in this together

Must Go-To Events

Orange County is Home to Some of The Worlds Greatest Chefs

Get To Know The People Behind The Food 

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